Mom, You’re Way too Old for Instagram

Two years ago this February, my mom started an Instagram account.  When my brothers and I found out,we were a bit upset to say the least. Ok, seriously pissed off. There was no way she was going to be creeping on us. Moms and other old people should know their place… Facebook. Go tell the world how to make precious Pinterest Pumpkin napkin rings, or brag about the money saving organic, gluten free, vegan mangoes you found at Trader Joes. Anything! Just stay the beeeeep away from Instagram!  Everyone knows Instagram is solely for those 25 and younger.  It’s clearly written in the Millennium Code Book for dummies.

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Two Days in Las Vegas From a Teen Perspective

After our amazing tour of three National Parks, we spent two nights in Las Vegas.  I knew Las Vegas was famous for gambling and wasn’t sure what my brother and I were going to do to pass these two days.  My mom said Vegas had a “few” things that may keep us occupied. Little did I know, that was a total understatement.


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God, Guns, Gravy, Grits and Country Music–What a 14-Year-Old-Teen Learned on a Road Trip Heading South

When we decided to journey South for Spring Break, Brooke had no idea what she was in  for. She has been to Florida many times–Disney, Ft. Lauderdale,  Naples, Miami, all  by air.  Traveling by car, however, was a life-changing experience for this fourteen year old. You certainly see a lot more than drifting clouds from an airplane window seat.  Talk about teachable moments! Yes, the teacher in me came out during this so called care-free Mother-Daughter road trip.

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Mother-Daughter Health and Fitness Goals for 2017- Eternity

Having two sons/brothers who are in amazing shape, hit the gym for several hours a day and eat consistently clean diets, Brooke and I should be completely inspired to follow suit. Well, unfortunately we haven’t had a strong relationship with the  lifestyle guru that has befriended Ryan and Adam.  You know the guy–he goes by the name “Will Power.”   For us, Mr. Power is more like our distant cousin that we’ve truly been meaning to contact; however, we’ve  lost his cell number, can’t find his address and just haven’t had time to friend him on social media.   Yeah, Brooke and I are more of the we’ll get to it tomorrow… Netflix…We really don’t enjoy the gym…Netflix…Too much homework….Netflix…Loads of grading to do…Netflix….

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