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Since I can remember, I have wanted to own my own business. I am a natural boss–just ask my two older brothers. They’ll tell you just what a “leader” I really am! (Don’t you love euphemisms?)

Honestly though, as far back as preschool I can remember starting businesses–from selling pretty rocks I’d find in the woods in the brook behind my house, to Brooke’s Beauty Spa where I’d sell certificates for fifteen minute massages and charge a few bucks extra for a therapeutic cucumber eye treatment, to a few years later creating and editing a neighborhood pet newspaper, “The Bow Wow News,” where I’d feature a different neighborhood dog each month. The list goes on and on.  Entrepreneurship runs through my veins.

Besides co-owning PedisNPassports, I have branched out to becoming a jewelry maker. My yoga teacher introduced me to mala bracelets as a part of therapy and stress relief and we would enjoy making them together.  She would bring beautiful stones all the way from Bali and we’d create beautiful bracelets together that I’d give to family and friends. Then, of course, the business light bulb illuminated.  I could sell these!


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Gemtye-Beautiful Bracelets That Double as Hair Ties–A Girl’s Dream Come True

GemTye_bracelet_hairtie (1)
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As a mom, teacher and traveler, my hair is probably tied back in a pony tail 23 hours a day.  At school–sprinting from desk to desk assisting students; at home–chores galore, cooking, and endless errand running; on vacations–hiking, biking, exploring cities in the sweltering heat–unless you have a short hairstyle, your wrists have most likely been permanently imprinted by the notorious ugly black hair band we all know and wear too well.

But one has to ask:  with so many beautiful bracelets and watches that we all love to sport, why do we ruin the look with nasty rubber bands?

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Necklace Giveaway



Rules To Enter and Win a Free Necklace from I Adorn U Jewelry:

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Contest ends November 25th!  Good luck!

You Will Adore “I Adorn U” Jewelry

You will absolutely adore I Adorn U Jewelry! The creator of the company, Mary Beth Heishman, hand makes each and every single piece. She will even personalize them for you.  Her inspiration comes from living in the beautiful Arizona desert and her Inca heritage. Each piece is elegant, of the highest quality and simply beautiful.  

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