Thankful for Catching The Travel Bug

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are thinking of all the blessings we are so grateful for–family, friends, our faith, freedom, health, education…our gratitude list could wrap around the globe–but what we are extremely thankful for this year, is the “world” itself; we are grateful for being bitten by the travel bug and having the desire to see every corner of this awe-inspiring planet!


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God, Guns, Gravy, Grits and Country Music–What a 14-Year-Old-Teen Learned on a Road Trip Heading South

When we decided to journey South for Spring Break, Brooke had no idea what she was in  for. She has been to Florida many times–Disney, Ft. Lauderdale,  Naples, Miami, all  by air.  Traveling by car, however, was a life-changing experience for this fourteen year old. You certainly see a lot more than drifting clouds from an airplane window seat.  Talk about teachable moments! Yes, the teacher in me came out during this so called care-free Mother-Daughter road trip.

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