Mom, You’re Way too Old for Instagram

Two years ago this February, my mom started an Instagram account.  When my brothers and I found out,we were a bit upset to say the least. Ok, seriously pissed off. There was no way she was going to be creeping on us. Moms and other old people should know their place… Facebook. Go tell the world how to make precious Pinterest Pumpkin napkin rings, or brag about the money saving organic, gluten free, vegan mangoes you found at Trader Joes. Anything! Just stay the beeeeep away from Instagram!  Everyone knows Instagram is solely for those 25 and younger.  It’s clearly written in the Millennium Code Book for dummies.


Now, if you know my mom, you know she smiled sincerely and acted like she was completely remorseful and oblivious to social media age etiquette.  Then a day later, she was posting every 3 hours!  It was then I realized she was unrelenting so I  gave up and introduced her to the term ‘SPAMMER’.


After dinner that evening, I was watching a moving with my mom and it was then that she told me her deeper Instagram vision–‘I was her last child, her only girl. We did have so much in common; we both love learning about different cultures, love to travel,  love to write,  love being pampered but at the same time love crazy, spontaneous adventures. We both had absolutely no background in photography, but hopefully over time we could learn a thing or two.  What better way to spend precious  mother-daughter time together.’   


So fast forward two years later.  Here we are: ‘Pedis N Passports’ and ‘Brookes Abroad’–traveling the world, staying at beautiful hotels and resorts, collaborating with companies we could only dream about.  We are also working 24/7 on this business.  My mom is a full time teacher. She is at school 8-9 hours a day. Then she tutors after school to make money for our travels.  I’m a freshman in High School with a $@!?* load of homework, a social life and activities that totally exhaust me.  To contribute to our financial travel fund I started the business ‘Brookes Balance Bracelets’ and have made thousands of dollars in less than a year!


How do we find the time to manage Pedis N Passports?

We just do.


Because it’s our passion.

And you ALWAYS have time for things you’re passionate about.


The hours spent  planning trips, reaching out for collaborations, promoting our sites, learning how to take and edit photos, trying to make connections–they don’t feel like work.  We laugh, we fight, we dream, we keep things in perspective.We aren’t striving to become famous or anything crazy. We are just exploring this beautiful world, meeting so many amazing people, and enjoying this wanderlust journey hand in hand.


So Mom, thank you.  You have taught me too many things to list, but mainly that you can turn your passions and dreams into reality, that a mother is a mentor like no other, an inspiration, a strength, a cheerleader and a best friend.

And finally, the most profound lesson…that age is so much more than a number. Mom, you are an Instagram Queen!

Just do me one tiny favor….stay the hell away from Snapchat!

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