American Southwest National Parks Tour-How Three Days Can Transform Your Life

South Rim, Grand Canyon
For my son’s High School Graduation, I told him I would take him on a trip anywhere in the world.  Being a nature lover, he decided on a trip to the American Southwest.  I was thrilled since it has been a life-long dream to see the Grand Canyon, so the planning began.

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Nature is the Best Medicine

Resting under a vibrant maple with a good book on a crisp October afternoon…




Listening to seagulls cry as waves crash upon my sunburnt toes…




Waking up to the sparkling sun giving its morning hug to the snow-covered mountain tops…



These are some of my favorite adult memories that I am so grateful my children get to experience, because in my opinion,  nothing heals us more than being one with nature–it is an essential part of being alive.

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Soaking Up Sunsets

Something surreal occurs at dusk that many unfortunately neglect to take part in–perhaps too engulfed in obligation, or strapped with stress to take notice of these aesthetic symphonies in the evening sky.  However, research shows that people who feel connected with nature report being happier and having more positive emotions than those who don’t share this connection. So if you are one who does not readily partake in this experience, we highly recommend you start.

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