Soaking Up Sunsets

Something surreal occurs at dusk that many unfortunately neglect to take part in–perhaps too engulfed in obligation, or strapped with stress to take notice of these aesthetic symphonies in the evening sky.  However, research shows that people who feel connected with nature report being happier and having more positive emotions than those who don’t share this connection. So if you are one who does not readily partake in this experience, we highly recommend you start.


For Brooke and I, this is our absolute favorite time of the day–the setting of the sun.  It is a brief miraculous moment to pause in wonderment and awe,  witnessing the world transform as the sun casts its gentle glow.  The celestial scene allows us to put the troubles of the day behind us– the turning of an earthly page–a metaphorical portal into tomorrow.  Then suddenly as nature’s brush paints its kaleidoscope…time stands still.  We get a break from fretting over the past or fearing an uncertain future. The sunset we are seeing, we will never see again; now is all that exists.

With every shifting shadow, the sky becomes a canvas of rose swirled with deep plum, a brush of crimson crosses a captivated cloud which melts into a soft golden hue. Each fleeting moment the sky changes, and this change is neither good or bad – it just is. It will happen, and continue to happen, and therein lies the beauty of change.


Whether you savor a cozy cup of coffee while gazing out of your window, or take an evening stroll, be sure to take several slow, deep breaths to relax your body and calm your mind.  Intentionally focus on the sunset; be cognizant of the changing colors and light, as the vivid hues crescendo and then fade into a shadowy silhouette…until darkness envelopes the world.


For Brooke and I , each sunset is just like a vacation, healing our physical, mental and spiritual being.  Well done, Universe!




Do you take sunset photos? Where in the world did you witness your favorites?



1st Place Prize: $100 Gift Card to Meson Sabika

2nd and 3rd Place Prize: $25 Gift Cards to Meson Sabika

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Send your most beautiful Western Suburbs sunset photo to our email address
  2. Write brief caption, explaining when and where in the Western Suburbs it was taken and who the photographer was.
  3. One photo per entry permitted.
  4. Follow us on all of our social media accounts:                                                              Instagram:  @pedis.n.passports and @wholeinthebucket                                          Facebook:  @pedisnpassports                                          Twitter:
  5. Subscribe to this website and comment on three of our blogs.
  6. Must be 18 or older to enter
  7. All steps will be monitored to ensure our winners have followed correct guidelines.
  8. Deadline for entry is May 30th
  9. Winners announced here on June 9th!

Good Luck!


First Prize $100 Meson Sabika Gift Card–Meg Duffy


$25 Gift Cards go to:  Abigail Andjelic

sunset 2

and Gabriella Frank



Please message me on FB to collect your prizes!  Congratulations and Thanks to Meson Sabika!




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