Gemtye-Beautiful Bracelets That Double as Hair Ties–A Girl’s Dream Come True

GemTye_bracelet_hairtie (1)
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As a mom, teacher and traveler, my hair is probably tied back in a pony tail 23 hours a day.  At school–sprinting from desk to desk assisting students; at home–chores galore, cooking, and endless errand running; on vacations–hiking, biking, exploring cities in the sweltering heat–unless you have a short hairstyle, your wrists have most likely been permanently imprinted by the notorious ugly black hair band we all know and wear too well.

But one has to ask:  with so many beautiful bracelets and watches that we all love to sport, why do we ruin the look with nasty rubber bands?


Gemtye is the answer to all of our fashion wrist woes!  This is the greatest idea of all time! Creator, Lili Geller, came up with the brilliant idea of designing these beautiful chic bracelets that double as hair ties as well! What more could a girl want?!  Brooke and I were sold the second we found out about these.

unnamed (3)

There are so many beautiful choices–from sophisticated designs to fun and trendy. Head to to view all of the beautiful bracelets and enter the promo code PEDISNPASSPORT20 to receive 20% off your entire order.

unnamed (6)unnamed (4)

Hope you enjoy the beautiful arm candy!  Brooke and I will never revert back to ugly elastic bands.

unnamed (9)

unnamed (7)


Please let Brooke and I know which ones you purchase!  We had such a hard time deciding. They are all so unique and beautiful.









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