Brooke’s Top Ten Tips and Advice for Teens Who Want To Travel The World

Hi! It’s Brooke.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine said, “Brooke, you’re so lucky you get to travel so much.” While I am very grateful I have family that shares my passion, I really want to encourage teens who may not have family members that travel a lot, no matter the reasons.

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Travel–An Addiction or a Passion?

Can a person honestly be addicted to travel, like alcohol, cigarettes or gambling?  Is wanderlust the needle of the nomadic junkie?  Well, Brooke and I are not sure if neuroscientists and psychiatrists would concur, but there is definitely a euphoria that occurs as we hear the rhythmic clicks of the airplane seatbelts, and dopamine levels certainly elevate as a fresh stamp is pressed into our passports.

View of Cuba from our Flight to Grand Cayman

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