Do Not Be Afraid To Travel Abroad

For all of my fellow Americans who are afraid to travel abroad due to the possibility of a terrorist attack, please, I beg of you, stop worrying!  While I really try to empathize, I can’t help but feel frustrated with the lack of knowledge, information and logic.  Despite the absolute horror and tragedy of each individual situation, the overblown daily paranoia spewed by our media only promotes irrational fear.  I’m hoping the following facts help to alleviate any of this misguided fear.


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Travel–An Addiction or a Passion?

Can a person honestly be addicted to travel, like alcohol, cigarettes or gambling?  Is wanderlust the needle of the nomadic junkie?  Well, Brooke and I are not sure if neuroscientists and psychiatrists would concur, but there is definitely a euphoria that occurs as we hear the rhythmic clicks of the airplane seatbelts, and dopamine levels certainly elevate as a fresh stamp is pressed into our passports.

View of Cuba from our Flight to Grand Cayman

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Fun Passport Covers and More!

Based on Brooke’s new passport cover and breakfast she prepared for me, any guesses where she wants to travel to in 2017? 🙂
If you’re looking for creative passport covers, you will love this company:
Para Sgula was funded in 2013 and immediately became a huge hit in the Israeli market.
It was founded by Alon Goll and Dani Shuel who envisioned a new and innovative way to bring color into the everyday lives of millions of people, by offering a designed and colorful alternative to otherwise dull and standard items. Inspired by Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow, they  made a habit to stand out and have costumers stand out where ever they go.

They specialize in designing and producing the highest quality alternatives to daily products that are not only strong and long lasting, but also artistic and colorful. Hundreds of head turning designs that are truly unique. Their mission is to bring a colorful twist to everyday objects as well as keep your documents safe.

There are so many to choose from and they make great holiday stocking stuffers!
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