Three of the Most Compelling Reasons to Study Abroad

Based on personal life situations, I never had the opportunity to study abroad so I am so excited for my son who just started college. He still hasn’t solidified a major, but what he is certain of is choosing to study abroad during his sophomore or junior year.



I’ve done thorough research on the programs offered at his university, read hundreds of reviews from the students and staff and even talked to my former students who have studied abroad during college and 100% of them all say it was the best part of their college experience.  Think about it….when in your life are you going to be relatively unattached and as care free to travel and learn about yourself?

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Brooke’s Top Ten Tips and Advice for Teens Who Want To Travel The World

Hi! It’s Brooke.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine said, “Brooke, you’re so lucky you get to travel so much.” While I am very grateful I have family that shares my passion, I really want to encourage teens who may not have family members that travel a lot, no matter the reasons.

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