Just Breathe

Besides healthy eating and exercise, our amazing nutritionist, Diane Bubeck, recommended that Brooke and I focus more on mindful breathing.  Since we already practice yoga and meditation, we honestly thought we had the breathing thing knocked.  Little did we know, we are superficial breathers.  (Not sure if we should take that as an insult or not) Anyway, to learn how to become deep breathers, we just finished this incredible book– Jumpstart Your Metabolism by author, Pam Grout.

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Loving My RajRang Mandala Tapestry


Hi All! It’s Brooke.  I have to tell you I’ve been in love with Mandala Tapestries since I saw my first one on a You Tube video. It was hung on a wall in a bedroom and I immediately knew I had to have one of those for my room! I researched a few different companies and found that Rajrang had by far the best variety with the richest colors and patterns I’ve ever seen.  Rajrang’s mandalas were also within my budget so I was super excited!

I Adorn U Jewelry
I love this gorgeous mandala!

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