Loving My RajRang Mandala Tapestry


Hi All! It’s Brooke.  I have to tell you I’ve been in love with Mandala Tapestries since I saw my first one on a You Tube video. It was hung on a wall in a bedroom and I immediately knew I had to have one of those for my room! I researched a few different companies and found that Rajrang had by far the best variety with the richest colors and patterns I’ve ever seen.  Rajrang’s mandalas were also within my budget so I was super excited!

I Adorn U Jewelry
I love this gorgeous mandala!

Not only do I use this mandala as a wall hanging, I use it as a quilt on top of my bed when I want to change things up a bit.  Mandalas are also perfect for  room dividers, table cloths, sofa and chair coverings, meditation mats, yoga mats, and of course picnic and beach blankets.  This mandala will be coming with me on every beach trip. It is lightweight and easy to fold up to put into a beach bag or suitcase.  Rather than using an old  bed sheet, like so many people do at the beach, using a mandala brightens up all of your beach photos.  We received so many compliments from complete strangers on our trip to Grand Cayman. They absolutely loved the vivid colors and beautiful design.

I was so surprised by the size of the mandala. It was so much bigger than I anticipated.


I am so happy with this product.  It is the perfect accent to show off my personality and brighten up any room or space.


There is only one significant problem– I can’t decide which one to order next.


If you love mandalas too, you have to check out their website Rajrang.com. There are so many to choose from!

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