Five Unavoidable Truths of Our Travels

No matter where we travel, these five events occur with 100% certainty.  Although we plan diligently, try to stay organized, and healthy, we’d bet all our international currencies these things will take place on our next trip.IMG_1326

  1. We lose something.  From shoes to bathing suits,  earrings to cosmetics–it’s bound to happen. Especially when we are hotel hopping or riding trains, something is always left behind.  Of course, it’s never an item that is meaningless.  We’ve lost favorite earrings, brand new sandals, the top of a gorgeous new bathing suit left in the bathroom to dry, endless lipsticks, hairbrushes, sunglasses, etc.  No matter how we scour our hotel rooms before departing or how much time we leave to pack carefully, it happens.  We’ve unfortunately learned to accept it.img_0989
  2. We get sick.  Heat stroke, sea sickness, food poisoning, sore throats, bed bugs, cuts, bruises, stomach flus, you name it! If it’s an illness related to travel, we’ve had it. The worst so far was definitely heat stroke in Italy.  I honestly thought we were going to die.  Heed our warning–do not travel to Italy in July.Kristen and Brooke exploring Venice Italy with Viator Skip The Lines Tour
  3. We get lost.  There is not a GPS powerful enough to keep us on route. We end up on country roads with no WIFI or looking for a hotel whose address no longer exists.  If we are supposed to arrive at a hotel at a certain time for dinner, we leave an extra 30 minutes set aside for “get lost” time.img_5402
  4. We have animal encounters.  From terrifying bugs to Brooke’s cat obsession, animals are somehow involved on all of our vacations.  I’m certain there will be a cat snuck into a suitcase someday soon. img_0956
  5. We laugh about all the blunders. Despite these certain mishaps, they create the stories we remember the most.  Would we choose to avoid them if possible? Hell yeah, but as cliche as it sounds–what doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger!unnamed (1)

What unavoidable truths have happened on your travels?

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