Kristen and Brooke’s Top 20 Travel Tips Before Heading to Italy–Unfortunately, We’ve Learned All of these the Hard Way!

Traveling to Europe three times now, Italy is probably, no, make that definitely, our favorite European country. Perhaps, because we are Italian or just love the passionate culture, we will continue to visit Italy every time we venture abroad.  I’m actually considering retiring there but just haven’t decided between a few locations: Cinque Terre, The Almalfi Coast, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Sicily or Capri…Decisions, decisions.img_0713

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Sirmione-An Exciting Excursion close to Venice, Italy

While planning our trip to Venice, a friend suggested we take a day or two and visit Sirmione on Lake Garda. I was hesitant in foregoing any of our Venetian explorations, doubting anything could compare to the beautiful city of canals, but being born and raised in Italy, I trusted my friend’s judgement–besides,  she completely persuaded Brooke with stories of the fairy tale castle nestled in the glistening water of Lake Garda–so how was I to refuse?  Read more