Wine Not–Giving up Wine for the Month of June

Twist, pop, clink, swirl, sniff, sip, ahhhhh.  My favorite routine and most tranquil time of the day–Wine O’Clock! This time has become a sacred nightly ritual.  After working all day, running kids to all corners of the city, taking care of the dogs, pouring a glass of velvety goodness is a well-deserved treat. IMG_1560

However, summer is here and all work-related, school-related stresses have been removed from life for the next few months. So I’ve been asking myself, what would the benefits be to giving up wine for the entire month of June (all alcohol for that matter) and here’s what my research has revealed:


  1. I will feel more energetic.
  2. I will sleep through the night.
  3. I will lose weight.
  4. Wrinkles will vanish and pores will shrink.
  5. I will have a radiant healthy youthful glow.
  6. My hair will be glossy and shiny again.
  7. My memory will improve.
  8. I will save lots of cash.
  9. My liver and kidneys will detox.
  10. I will become more confident.

So here is my challenge to myself:  I am going to journal weekly here on the blog.  I’ll collect data on the progress of these ten items.  While many on the list, I can self-monitor, I am going to an esthetician today to get a facial and have her document the current state of my skin.  Once a week, I will go back for a facial to see if anything significant is changing in regards to wrinkles and pores.  All money I’d typically spend on wine will be placed into an envelope.  I will weigh myself daily and have my body fat percentage assessed at the gym. Regarding the liver and kidneys, I’m going to judge that by the way I feel, since I’ve been feeling quite bloated, sluggish and just plain lousy lately.


My biggest concern: socializing! All of my friends are ardent wine lovers.  It’s what we do– WE WINE!  How will I not partake in the careful selection of a Meritage, Pinot or Cab? How are they going to react when I don’t share a sumptuous bottle at dinner as we all sit around the table laughing and clinking together?  What’s the point of going to a rooftop bar to drink a cup of tea?  Nevertheless, I know they will support me and perhaps even join me for this month long challenge.

With wine being woven into the fabric of my life, I still feel these ten benefits outweigh the sacrifice of putting the cork on the bottle for 30 days.  Although, I have a lingering  fear that coffee is going to become my new best friend.

So cheers to the detox!  Oh wait….


I’ll report back on the following dates: June 8, 15, 22 and 29!  Wish me luck!



Any takers out there care to join?  Has anyone given up wine for a month? What was your go to replacement drink? Did you notice significant changes?


So after a week camping the Southwest and a few nights in Vegas, going to have to have  a fresh detox start today! Bad timing on my part:)

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