Horseback Riding with Sea Horses in the Cayman Islands with Pampered Ponies



On our vacation in the Cayman Islands, we had the opportunity to go on the most amazing adventure–horseback riding along a tranquil stretch of white sand and turquoise waters on the north side of the island. The beautiful, well-trained horses are owned by Lori, of Pampered Ponies. Lori is an incredibly loving person who cares deeply about her clients, her staff and obviously her amazing horses. The are obviously well-cared for and happy.  We cannot stop talking about this unique experience.  It is so much more than your typical beach side horseback riding excursion!  Pampered Ponies gives a new definition to the term “Sea Horse”!

Brooke in horse heaven upon arrival


Upon arrival we had an innate sense that this was going to be a surreal experience. We were given time to explore the seaside ranch. It was absolutely breathtaking. We found several conch shells along the shoreline and the tranquility of this secluded ranch was meditative. We were then introduced to the friendly staff and paired with a horse based on our riding abilities–mine being quite limited, Brooke’s more advanced.



We were then thoroughly instructed on riding and safety procedures.  We mounted our horses and followed our guides down a long dirt road.  We turned onto a hidden trail which opened up to an expanse of uninhabited beach. The view was vast and stunning.




Brooke and Jet already bowing in a complete state of relaxation


We enjoyed the most serene ride along the shore–warm tropical breezes, lapping waves and the clopping of hooves.  No one talked, as the peacefulness of the ride was all encompassing.   After about twenty minutes we stopped to rest, were given cold water to quench our thirst, and all saddles were removed from our horses.  It was time to take the plunge into the sea– bareback!

Moonstruck volunteering to be the first one in!

I’m not going to lie; I was terrified.  I have never been on a horse bareback and heading into the sea elevated my fear. However, the guides were so reassuring and told us how to control our horses by holding onto their manes.  Of course, with my luck,  my horse volunteered to venture in first and the guide had to catch up to usher her back in line.  

Jet in a total zen state.

As we waded into the sea, the sensation of balancing on a horse bareback as you descend deeper and deeper into the sea was exhilarating. Our horses were actually humming loudly as they lifted their legs and began swimming–enjoying every invigorating moment, as were we.


After leaving the sea, we let the horses dry off and rest, saddled up and headed back to the corral.


This two hour adventure is definitely a bucket list experience.We highly recommend Pampered Ponies and will definitely be returning on our next trip to Grand Cayman. The location is gorgeous, the staff extremely experienced and the horses, quite pampered to say the least. Lori, thank you so much for your love of horses and spectacular day.  I hope I didn’t stress Moonstruck out too badly with my obvious riding inexperience:)


And a special thanks to Katie Dillon for the inspiration for this experience.

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