Five Tips for A Successful Mother-Daughter “Girls Getaway” Road Trip

 There’s nothing quite like the adventure of a mother-daughter road trip– no stressful boarding times or missed flight connections. Just fill up the tank and head out on the open road–Thelma and Louise, hopefully minus the conclusion.   Furthermore, with airfare being obscenely expensive, and many flights already booked for 2017, Brooke and I have decided that a Spring Break road trip is the ideal plan for a budget-friendly girls getaway.  It’s actually a right of passage for a teen girl and her mom.  We’re still pondering  the direction our car will head–East to Niagara Falls, West to the Grand Canyon, South to Gulf Shores, or North to Mackinac Island.   We may end up playing a little game of spin the compass, but even though we haven’t decided where the road may lead, we’ve come up with 5 essential tips that will ensure a successful trip when hitting the road!

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