When Menopause and Puberty Book The Same Flight

Once upon a time, there was a calm and patient mommy who traveled the world with her sweet-natured, soft-spoken little darling. Side by side they sat and smiled dreamily, gazing out of the 747’s picturesque window, at the wondrous world below.


Suddenly, the flight became turbulent!  Temper tantrums, tears and cursing matches flooded the aisles. Innocent passengers trapped… victim to the barrage of bitching and bickering.

Who were these hellish hormonal horrors that obviously snuck in passed TSA?!

We’ll tell you who:

(Enter the Antagonists–Menopause and Puberty–aka Womenhood’s Perfect Storm)

Yes, Brooke and I are now presented with such a toxic combination that has transformed our tranquil bond into shrieking storms of strife, disharmony and dissension.

While I knew having Brooke in my mid 30’s would lend to me being more tired and probably less patient than when raising my two boys, it never dawned on me that we would be going through puberty and perimenopause at the exact same time. While Brooke’s brand spankin new hormonal Beoing 777x is fueled up and ready for the flight of a lifetime, my B52 bomber is coming in for quite a choppy landing.  Despite the drastic differences in our destinations, the flight paths are exactly the same–mood swings, irritability, quick tempers and lots of drama!

So how are we handling this hormonal pandemonium?

Get “edge”ucated!  Just like it’s normal and beneficial to talk to your daughter about puberty, it is necessary to educate her about what you’re going through as well. Having knowledge about the challenges both of your bodies are facing will help gain perspective and foster empathy for one another.


Share Emotional Baggage.  Don’t shut each other out.  Keep communication open.  Does that mean you both should share every detail of your pain and suffering? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Do what’s right for your relationship.  Every mom/daughter duo has a different dynamic. Find the level of openness that works for you. For Brooke and I, we keep it real and the words “filter” and “boundaries” don’t really apply. IMG_3005

Maintain a sense of humor during the in”tents” moments! While one moment we could literally rip each other’s heads off–ten minutes later we have moved on and eventually laugh at the crazy!IMG_3643

Don’t get tide down with negativity! Realize this too shall pass.  You can hold a grudge or you can toast your imperfections.  It’s all a choice.


Realize com “planing” is good for your health in moderation.  Get it out, say what needs to be said, be kind or apologize if you are not, and move on with forgiveness and love..IMG_6215.JPG

Moms, remember, you are the role model here. Show your daughter how to cope with stress and adversity.  And when it gets too hard, show her that you’re doing the very best you can and that’s all you ask of her as well.

For those who haven’t boarded the hormonal flight to hell yet, buckle up…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


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