Baggallini-We’ve Finally Found a Winner–The Perfect Luggage for our Travels

As you may well know, Brooke and I travel a lot…just about every other weekend, school breaks and pretty much the entire summer. What you may not know is that we have literally gone through seven carry-on pieces of luggage, bags and backpacks in the past two years.   No matter how short or long our trips may be, our goal is to solely have carry-ons; we truly despise waiting for eternity at the baggage claim carousels. In fact, we layer up what we wear to the airport, so we can bring as many clothes as possible and simply walk off of the plane to begin our adventures.

But from broken zippers, cracked wheels, and damaged handles, the bags just haven’t endured.  Here are out latest victims:  May we introduce busted handle and broken zipper:((


If you would have seen us at O’hare last month, we would have been completely embarrassed. We each had a full backpack, which were extremely heavy but manageable, until…  our “wheelie carry-ons” did not pass the official carry on guidelines by an inch and a half, so we were forced to hit the ground, open up our bags, shuffle our  clothes, then basically press, lay and  jump on the suitcases to condense the size.  This was followed up by shoving the excess clothing into our ‘already-bursting-at-the-seems’ back packs, etc.  By the end of this ordeal, we were dripping with sweat, cranky, irritable and not in the mood for what should have been the start to a wonderful trip.

So we officially vowed to conduct thorough research and purchase brand new carry-ons that could fit our clothing, personal items, laptops, go pros, cameras, etc.  Most importantly, ones that could easily be brought on board without any hassle. Enough was enough.

Enter Baggallini—a traveler’s dream come true!  If durability, style, organization, price and fashion are top on your list, this brand has it all.  Finally, our stress-free packing and travel days have begun!


What I love about the Avenue Tote from Baggallini:

It’s lightweight, water-resistant, has so many multifunctional pockets including quick access phone pockets,  a crossbody strap, a one-year warranty and my absolute favorite feature….the sleeve for the luggage handle!!!  That feature alone stole my wanderlust heart.



What I love about the Getaway Roller:

Again it’s super lightweight, and water-resistant, the handle adjusts to two heights, the four spinner wheels are super smooth, the main compartment has a zipper to expand or compress, a large mesh pocket and elastic straps.  There is also a front padded pocket to keep my laptop safe.  I love this carry on!

IMG_2892onstreet - Copy


What Brooke loves about the Brussels Laptop Backpack :

Everything! She goes nowhere without this bag.  From books to makeup, clothes to computers, this is her absolute favorite bag.  She loves the color, the style, the look.



IMG_5924 (2)

So whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a much bigger adventure, Baggallini will always be by our side. They’ve transformed the way we travel.

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