Fifteen Reasons Winter Doesn’t Suck

Unlike my mom who views winter as the season of sadness and hybernation, I view it as a glorious time of year.  Yes, the nights are loooooooong, the days are short, and it can be painfully  freezing, but in my opinion these fifteen reasons to love winter far outweigh any negatives:

  1. My Favorite Holiday–There’s nothing cozier than decorations, fireplaces and family!





2. My Puppies Love It-They hate the heat and the rain, but give them a foot of snow and watch out!





3. Hot Cocoa-with or without marshmallows and whipped cream; I’m flexible.






4.Winter Skies-Just as stunning as Caribbean sunsets!





5.Motivation for Spring Break-Winter is the perfect time to set health goals and crush them!






6. Snowy Drives-make sure you have winter songs on the radio!






7. Icy Airplane Views-Flying over frozen lakes is breathtaking!




8. Animals in Nature-Not only the sights, but the sounds.





9.Wintry Woodland Walks-Right after a fresh snowfall is definitely the best!






10. Winter Sports- Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding, IceSkating…



11. Our Mother Daughter Chicago Trip–we intentionally do this trip in the winter to have something else to look forward to.

Conrad Chicago

IMG_4560IMG_4588 (1)




12. City Lights–no matter which city in the world you live or visit, winter lights make it magical.






13. City Sights–What the…..  What happens in winter, stays in winter!





14.  “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway”






15. Valentine’s Day, My Birthday and just an appreciation for Mother Nature’s Amazing Gifts ❤



Do you side with my mom that winter is absolute misery, or have you seen the light(s)?!

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