Christmas Day At Paradise Beach in Cozumel, Mexico

Hi All. It’s Brooke!

Over winter break, we took a Central American Cruise on Carnival Magic. Our first port  happened to be Cozumel on Christmas Day.  Choosing an excursion, we didn’t want to do something super crazy because we wanted to keep the entire family together and make it as stress free as possible, so we decided on spending the day at Paradise Beach.


If Cozumel is  a stopping point on your cruise, Paradise Beach (around ten minutes from port) is the perfect excursion if you have a lot of people to please.  I guarantee it will be a fun-filled day for everyone. There really isn’t anything Paradise Beach doesn’t have–immaculate grounds and facilities, a pristine beach, beautiful pool,  beach-front massages and free Wifi!  For a $20 cab ride for the entire family, we couldn’t ask for a more relaxed, budget-friendly Christmas Day excursion.



Snorkeling equipment, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fun water inflatables are included in the $18 fee. If you only want to lounge by the pool or at the beach, the entrance fee is only $3 per person.  My Mema, chose this option, while the rest of us chose to partake in the activities. Regarding the snorkeling, there weren’t too many fish to see from the beach, but you could take a boat out further for better snorkeling.




The food was absolutely delicious and I’m a serious guacamole snob. My mom said the fish tacos and Mojito were  the best she’s ever had and the virgin Miami Vice definitely hit the spot. There is a $10 minimum order to have your food served on the beach, and it was true paradise being able to eat lunch right from our lounge chairs.


Since Paradise Beach was such a great deal, we decided to splurge on parasailing. The cost was $60 per person and was definitely worth it, since it was our first time and something we’ve been wanting to check off of our bucket list. If you have never gone parasailing, you are missing out. The aerial view and peacefulness while floating so high above the sea is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  Definitely one of the most memorable parts of this trip!



If you are planning on spending a holiday in Cozumel, Paradise Beach is the perfect  excursion choice for your family.  There will be something for all to enjoy!

IMG_2550 (1)


Have you been to Cozumel?


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