What The Season Of Autumn Symbolizes To Us

Thinking about autumn always brings warm thoughts to mind– cozy sweaters, colorful scarves, apple cider, pumpkin pies, etc.  However, the scientific, historical and astrological meanings of the season are much deeper than you may realize.  Ancient cultures  have associated many aspects of Autumn to human life. These powerful associations are reminders that Mother Nature has a profound influence on our lives.


So besides enjoying the kaleidoscope of color that is ready to take the stage, stop and reflect on the deeper symbolism of this beautiful season.



To quote the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “The only constant is change.” Autumn is a strong reminder that our minds and bodies are constantly transforming.  We need to reflect on the impermanence of life and  how vital it is to embrace the here and now. Savor each day, each breath, each moment before what we have is no longer. Nothing will remain the same, nothing lasts forever.



As summer softly swoons into autumn, we begin to practice self-protection by wearing warmer layered clothing and thicker, cozier fabrics. We also focus more cognizantly on our health by boosting our immunity with vitamins, teas and herbs. As winter winds and dropping degrees quickly arrive, we use autumn as a time to build strength and protect our most treasured gifts–ourselves.



Autumn is the perfect time to learn about what makes you feel safe, warm and comfortable.  Our homes should feel snug and safe.  As each leaf departs from its life source, we cling to one another and take comfort in family and friends. We celebrate with comfort food, tradition and familiar customs.



During fall, day and night are the same length. As a result, ancient cultures have always associated autumn with the concept of balance. The sun enters Libra, which is symbolized by a pair of balanced scales. Autumn grants us a chance to harmonize with the Earth and tap into what needs balancing within us.


Letting Go:

Autumn illustrates the natural progression and beauty of  letting go. This season demonstrates death in its most natural and beautiful form.  Reflect on what needs to die within you. For me, I am trying to apply the concept of death to letting go of inner egos and patterns of greed and pride–death to past hurts, anger, unforgiveness and any negative forces need to be put to rest and buried.   Like withering fall leaves floating to the earth, release all that no longer serves you.


So this is what Autumn means in our lives. We hope this season finds you able to embrace change, seek protection and comfort, find balance and let go. Let each colorful leaf you pass by be a symbolic reminder of the deeper purpose of life.


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