Think We Found Our Favorite Beach Town in the MidWest–St. Joseph Michigan



Now that my mom has overcome her fear of driving, my life just keeps getting better and better!  This past weekend, we spontaneously decided to head to the beach, as school is lurking just around the corner and we are certainly not ready to succumb to pencils and books just yet.  No, we need a few more ‘sandy toes, sunburned nose’ memories for sure!


The day was quite cloudy here in Naperville, so we looked at the radar and found sunny skies  in the beach town of St. Joseph, Michigan.  Based on forecast alone, we grabbed our swimsuits, filled up the tank and were on our way, with no expectations whatsoever.





Two hours later, we were walking on the softest sand we’ve probably ever felt–silkier than Caribbean sand!  Absolute pure luxury.  Silver Beach County Park cannot be beat! There is an adorable lighthouse and pier, a large playground, a scrumptious snack stand, convenient changing rooms, a fun splash pad for kids of all ages, beach volleyball, hammocking up on the dunes (bringing my hammock next time) and a beautiful carousel ride!








It does cost $12 (cash or check only) to park at the beach, but it was completely worth it, because after a day of swimming, climbing the dunes, walking the pier and sunbathing, we changed clothes, threw our suits in the car and walked the steps that take you up the bluff towards the most adorable town we’ve ever seen.


When you get to the top there’s a grassy area with many picnic tables, benches, and swings to sit on. There are several cool war memorials to check out too. The views from up here are incredible as well.


St. Joseph was in the midst of “Chalk the Block” where the main street was decorated with colorful and extremely talented chalk art that was eye popping to view. We were in awe! Ice cream and candy shops, boutiques, rooftop restaurants and bars lined the cobblestone streets.



The first restaurant we headed to had well over an hour wait so we continued to walk until we found 221 Main–best food and service we’ve ever had–and the hottest host you’d ever want to see!!! (Review to come soon–of the restaurant, not the guy)



After the best meal of our lives, we noticed the time and headed down the steps back to the beach to catch the sunset.  We’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Having been to beaches on the East and West Coast, Hawaii,  Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe, I can honestly say this is one of our top 5!  It is a world class treasure–peaceful water yet still enough waves to have lots of  fun, immaculately clean beach, lots of activities, the friendliest people–ideal for toddlers, teens, and adults, and so close to home.



My mom actually thinks she’s found her retirement location.  However, let’s see what she says about that if we return in the winter!











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