Our Fourth of July Weekend at Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

If you have the opportunity to visit Nashville, there really is only one resort to choose for your stay–Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center . On our last spring break roadtrip to Florida, we stayed here as our midway point and knew we would be returning soon, as this resort is too magnificent to only visit once.



Having a french exchange student living with us and now having had experienced the culture of Chicago thoroughly, we thought it would be great for her to have a chance to see another all American city.  What would be better than Nashville over July 4th weekend?  We ended up bringing another family’s exchange student as well since this was an opportunity they didn’t want her to miss either.  My philosophy–the more the merrier–so the Nashville road trip commenced!



Brooke and I didn’t pre-alert the girls to the beauty or size of the resort.  The oohs and ahhhs as we entered the lobby were exactly what we were hoping for.



Gaylord Opryland is massive! With indoor and outdoor pools, acres and acres of beautiful, lush, tropical gardens and waterfalls, thousands of balconied guestrooms, 16 restaurants, 12 retail shops–all under sparkling glass ceilings, this resort feels like a city unto itself. The entire resort sits on 172 acres.  Each section of the hotel has its own character and feel. We stayed in the Cascades, which was absolutely stunning.  You will definitely get your 10,000 steps in a day while staying here!


The resort is in the midst of its Alice and Wonderland “Through The Looking Glass” Summerfest, so the entire resort is full of whimsical and fantastic embellishments.  The girls absolutely loved this. They immediately partook in the Scavenger Hunt, one of the numerous kid-friendly summerfest activities here.




After finishing the scavenger hunt, we enjoyed the Delta Riverboat tour which took us down a winding river through 4.5 acres of lush gardens and Alice in Wonderland fantastical surprises.




Following the boat ride, we headed to dinner. We all agreed on Italian food (not an easy choice with so many options) and Ravello certainly did not disappoint.  Our exchange student said it was the best meal she has had in America thus far!


We wrapped up our first night with the International Waters Fountain Show where dancing colorful fountains are set to beautiful international music.  This was the perfect end to Day One in Nashville.





Day Two:

The girls slept in late, so I had a leisurely breakfast and then walked the entire resort admiring the fauna and flora.  They do offer garden tours, but I was ready to venture out on my own. Being a garden lover, this was awe-inspiring.  I believe there are over 50,000 plants inside this resort–from exotic fruit trees, to delicate orchids, the lushness was all encompassing.


When the girls finally awoke, we decided we’d enjoy some pool time before heading into Nashville. With three pools to choose from, we had to check them all out. The girls bounced back and forth between the indoor and outdoor pools. Me, outdoors is always the choice. The Cascades pool has a poolside bar and grill where we ordered a lovely  lunch while enjoying the music and activities (Cuban Shuffle, Hula Hoop contest, game of checkers etc.)




After ample pool time, we were ready to head into Nashville. The hotel offers shuttles, taxis or Ubers into the city.  We decided on a taxi and were in Nashville in under 15 minutes ready for an authentic American experience!


Thank you to the warm, welcoming staff. Gaylord Opryland is the most pristine, spacious and aesthetically appealing resort.  We enjoyed exploring each and every section.  Since we didn’t have the time to enjoy the beautiful spa on this trip, you can guarantee we will be back.  See ya soon partner!







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