Gettin’ Our Kicks on Route 66

Hey guys! It’s Brooke.

So on our way back from our incredible Southwest National Parks Tour, Jon, our guide, surprised us with an awesome stop along Route 66, saying our trip wouldn’t be complete without a nostalgic pit stop along this iconic route.

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For those who don’t know,  Route 66 is known as the Mother Road of America, starting from Chicago and going all the way to California. Built in 1926, it was a route built on the American dream. Today it is a shadow if its former self, but I clearly got a glimpse into the past from our stop here.

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We stopped in a town called Seligman in Arizona.  It is actually the town they modeled the movie Cars after. There are vintage cars everywhere. It was so cool!


Snow Cap Drive-In Diner was our dining respite.  It’s an adorably fun and colorful little diner built in 1953 by Juan Delgadillo.  Snow Cap is full of whimsy, humor and more nostalgia than you can handle. There is a roof of a 1936 Chevrolet, a garden of old cars and an outdoor toilet.  A sign in the window says, “Sorry, Wer’e Open” and the door to lead to the outside eating area has two knobs. It tricked my brother every time. The waitresses use a lot of banter, pranks and corny jokes such as asking my mom if she wanted a straw, then handing her a pile of hay.(There were a lot more jokes and pranks but wouldn’t want to spoil the fun!)


The food is really delicious.  And of course, no trip down Route 66 is complete without a chocolate malt!  DELISH!!!  Snow Cap is the perfect burger joint to top off a Route 66 road tripping day!

Sharing a Malt with my bro! (Actually, he was only allowed one sip for the shot and then needed to back away!)
There is literally not a square inch of wall space on the tiny inside where you order.
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There’s plenty of room to enjoy eating outside.
My mom was supposed to give up alcohol for the month for a cleanse, but as you can see, she cheated here! Said you’re allowed to cheat on Route 66.


Stopping here was a blast!  There were several people on our tour from other countries and they definitely appreciated seeing this flashback to Americana.  I know I certainly did.



Maybe someday we’ll drive the entire journey, but for now we definitely got our kicks on Route 66!

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