Where do a Teen and a Full Time Teacher, Find the Time to Travel and Blog as Mother-Daughter Travel Bloggers?

Hands down, the number one question my Mom and I are constantly asked is “How do you guys have the time to run a successful travel blogging business?  With me being a full-time student, a gymnast, a musician, having two crazy puppies, a hamster and a fish, along with the necessary social life of your typical fourteen-year-old,  and my Mom,  a full time elementary school teacher, running a private tutoring business and being a mother of three awesome kids:))  How can we possibly manage and grow Pedis N Passports???


Well, the answer is simple….we don’t sleep!  LOL

Actually, we do sleep– and for those who know us, you are well-aware that sleep is one of our favorite past times…besides traveling.  (My nickname isn’t “Nap Queen” for nothing)

Seriously though…the key to our success, thus far, comes down to one word–PASSION!!!  We love what we do, and people see that.  In our limited free time, we are diligently researching,  planning, networking, writing, and most importantly dreaming–dreaming of the exotic places we will explore together, dreaming of the fun we will have along the way, dreaming of meeting diverse people from cultures around the world, dreaming of helping those less fortunate than us, dreaming of showing girls and women that nothing, and I mean nothing, can stand in your way if you hold passion within your heart!


When we collaborate with hotels or companies, they feed off of our passion.  The excitement we exude becomes contagious and they are inspired by our enthusiasm.  Hotels enjoy having us stay with them and companies appreciate us promoting their products.  Furthermore, we only work with hotels and companies we truly admire and support, which makes the passionate part innate and completely natural.


Passion also fosters patience.  We are willing to endure hardships and obstacles.  We can see the big picture and this allows us to make sound decisions. Of course we face obstacles and hit bumps in the road. If we weren’t patient, we may be tempted to give up and consider this a short-lived phase, as many bloggers tend to do…but here we are one year later…stronger than ever.  We have the willingness to endure!


So, it is passion which feeds our relentlessness energy.   Pedis N Passports is so much more than a hobby or a business venture– it is a life-long bond between a Mom and Daughter, and just as the love and passion will live forever between us, so too will it live in Pedis N Passports!


Cheers to another year around the globe!  Hope you’ll continue to follow us on our journey.


Brooke and Kristen

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