Best Place to Stay in Bavaria, Germany…Hotel Mueller-Hohenschwangau



We arrived at Hotel Mueller for a two-night stay at the magical destination at the end of the Romantic Road.  I had booked the Castle Package at the hotel and it did not disappoint.  Upon arrival, we were lead into an bright and airy octagonal dining room with a majestic view of Neuschwanstein Castle.  We were in awe!  enhance (7)


We were served the most delectable  five course bavarian meal we’ve ever experienced, along with two amazing bottles of German wine, one red, one white.  Yes, for those who know me, I actually tried the white too. I can truly say we have never had better jaegerschnitzel in our entire lives and we frequent German restaurants any chance we get.  It was out of this world and we have yet to taste anything close in comparison.



enhance (1)

After the amazing meal, we were guided to our room by the kindest staff members. They couldn’t have been more helpful or accommodating.  Upon opening the door to our deluxe suite, we were speechless.  The room was the size of a full apartment with a spacious living room.  The arched doorways lead into massive bedrooms with an abundance of sunlight through the large windows.  The highlight was when we open the door to the  attached courtyard patio and saw the castle perched on the mountainside.  It was dusk and the castle glowed in such a serene setting it took our breath away.  Brooke’s fairy tale dreams were now a reality.

enhance (9)

enhance (2)

We couldn’t say enough about the staff. They were beyond helpful and accommodating.  They arranged a horse and carriage ride for us to take up to Neuschwanstein Castle which only added to the fairy tale dreaminess in Brooke’s star struck eyes.

enhance (6)


enhance (3)

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Hotel Muller is in such a great location. We were able to visit the picturesque town of Fussen and enjoy hikes around the crystal clear Lake Alpsee.  



Our visits to both Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle will be etched in our minds forever, as will our most memorable stay at Hotel Mueller.enhance (7)


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