Snorkeling Excursion with Captain Marvin’s Stingray City Tours


After reading several outstanding reviews, we decided to book a snorkeling excursion with Captain Marvin’s Stingray City Tours.  A shuttle picked us up from the Ritz Carlton around 8:30 am and after a five minute drive, we arrived at the marina  and were greeted by the friendliest crew, Eric and Michael, as we boarded a beautiful sailboat.  We headed to the spacious upper deck to make the most of the stunning Caribbean views as we set sail for adventure.

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The Best Mexican Excursion-Ziplining, Snorkeling in the Cenotes and ATV Rides Through The Jungle



Having visited Cancun several times in the past, we decided it was time to venture away from the resort and go on an adventurous excursion.  We had previously visited ruins and swam with dolphins in Cozumel, so we decided to try something different. We signed up for a three-in-one excursion with Aventuras Mayas:  ATV rides through the jungle, ziplining and snorkeling in the Cenotes.  We were a bit hesitant about sacrificing a day away from our beautiful resort and actually considered cancelling this trip.   Without question, we are so grateful we did not.  

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