Busy is a Four Letter Word

“How’s it going, Kristen?

“Fine thanks. Busy though!”

“Oh me too.  Not enough hours in the day!”

We’ve all had similar conversations–the no rest for the weary saga.  I’m probably the poster child for busy; I eat lunch in my classroom , trying to multitask on school work to desperately avoid bringing home more items to add to my one of eighty-five to do lists–  for once I enter my abode, the pernicious and vast “lists” attack me at the front door like nefarious demons from the chore ridden underworld–laundry, dishes, dog walking, dog hair, dog treats (and I don’t mean milk bones), homework help, organizing schedules, booking appointments, paying bills, carpooling…it never ends.  And for those wondering why the two teens that reside in our home aren’t helping, well they do, but they’re teens, so enough said.

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