Costa Rica-La Pura Vida

Waking up in the midst of a lush rainforest back dropped with the ever-changing view of the Arenal Volcano is how we spent this past week, as Brooke, my son Adam, and I visited Costa Rica for our very first time.  We stayed at a resort called Leaves and Lizards which is located near La Fortuna.  Often when we travel, it takes us a few days to feel comfortable and fully get into vacation mode, but the moment we stepped foot on the property here, it felt like home.

IMG_3588 - CopyIMG_3581IMG_3578IMG_3579IMG_3582



IMG_1095 (1).JPG






The 26-acre farm resort is a quiet, tranquil respite situated on a hilltop.  Waking up to the sounds of birds, insects, and many unfamiliar animals immediately immersed us in the beauty of Costa Rica. Upon waking, we worked on the farm, gathering eggs and milking cows to prepare for our delicious and wholesome breakfast.  Yoga, swimming, nature walks, relaxing and soaking in the beauty around this resort are all a part of the daily routine here.


IMG_0920 (1)





There is so much to do in this region of Costa Rica from rainforest tours, rafting, zip lining, hiking, swimming in hot springs, you name it.  We chose to partake in a program called Eponicity, a therapuetic equine program that has forever impacted and changed our lives. People from all over the world come here to work with Debbie, owner and expert in Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL).  The program we attended was three full days and the profound bond created with our horses is indescribable.  Learning about these beautiful creatures and the journey of self-discovery is something we did not anticipate at all with regards to this trip.


Steve, Debbie, Beauty and Brooke

Whether with family or a solo trip, if you desire a deep connection with nature and the opportunity to experience the healing power of  horses and how they help the human soul, you must take this journey. If we humans could be a sensitive as these
intuitive animals, the world would truly be a peaceful place. This is an
experience we can’t begin to explain with words.


Thank you Cosmo for the life-changing lessons


Costa Rica is known as the land of Pura Vida which means “simple life” or “pure life.” It is the way of life there–from an abundance of adventures, to the beauty and kindness of its people, to the blessings of Nature and the magical feeling of this sacred place.  We aren’t even unpacked yet, and are already planning our return trip.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the natural beauty we were surrounded by on this trip:



And definitely a highlight for us was of course the amazing animals:

And a quick shout out to Alejandro for the most delicious and authentic Costa Rican cuisine and yummy pina coladas!

IMG_3628 - CopyIMG_3626


Debbie and Steve, we can’t thank you enough for welcoming us with open arms.  We miss you and will definitely see you again soon.





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