Spring Cleaning–Finding Your Inner Peace

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to clear out and clean up their physical and energetic environment. Right now, spring energy is upon us and we can open up the windows and doors and breath the fragrant scents of new growth.


Similarly to spring cleaning your home, with each release of another piece of the old, you will begin feeling lighter and realize that a good spring cleaning of your environment is metaphorical for letting go–letting go of old thoughts and old emotions that no longer serve you.

Envision all of your negative emotions like cobwebs, dust and clutter invading your peaceful inner home–bitterness, past hurts, anger, fear, resentment, ego, insecurity, jealousy.  They are all floating around you- you may be inhaling them daily, making your heart blackened and toxic.

Envision gathering up these poisonous emotions, one by one and place them into a basket.  Now take this basket to a sandy shore.  Gently place the basket on the swaying tide, step back and watch as the basket floats further and further away. With each ebb and flow, you feel lighter and lighter as pain, loneliness, suffering, and illness are now a distant speck on the horizon.

Now, take your empty vessel to a field of fresh spring flowers.  Envision picking each flower mindfully and place them into your basket…pick love, kindness, forgiveness, , gratitude, compassion, acceptance, trust, hope, peace and renewal. You now have a fragrant basket abundant with pure joy and beauty. Take the basket home and place it on a center table. Close your eyes and inhale the sweetness that permeates your home, and let love guide you in every decision moving forward.


Namaste and Happy Spring

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