Travel Transcends Age

Someone recently asked me if I feel too old to be traveling? Don’t you just want to stay home and relax, Kristen? Isn’t it exhausting–all that packing, walking, dealing with airport delays, standing in customs lines, etc? Isn’t travel for those in their 20’s?


Here’s my response:

Aging is a privilege.  We can complain about it, give in to the aches and pains, give up on taking care of ourselves and let the aging process dominate our existence.  We can sit in our homes day in and day out and live each day as a repeat of the day before.  I believe this disease is called GHDS–Ground Hogs Day Syndrome. (actually made that one up but it applies!)

Kristen at Manasquan Beach New Jersey

Or…we can wake up everyday, and get out of our comfort zones–ready to try something new.  We can be mindful of making healthy choices for our bodies, minds and spirits–and it is these mindful choices that will enable us to travel no matter what number we are currently experiencing.


Rather than viewing myself as just a 46 year old woman, when I travel, I feel the beauty and experiences of each and every year of my prior existence.  Each year brought me to the person I am today, and that is a gift.  When I am traveling, I see the world through the eyes of a teen, a 20…30…40 year old.  I see it all. I feel it all.  And I look forward to the day when eyes that have seen 80 years of life are still exploring.  Imagine the perspectives then!

Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

For those who view their lives with the mentality that “the best years have come and gone” are truly missing out.  Think about it this way:  The next ten years are going to pass by no matter what.  God willing, we will all be a decade older.  When that time comes, we will all look back on our memories.  Will yours be living the same existence for each of those  3,650 days, or will you set aside many of them for life changing moments?  This choice is yours.  You have one chance at this.  Don’t blow it.


For me, I hope at least half of those days are spent meeting new people, learning new languages, exploring different cultures,  and seeing the sunrise and set from all four corners of the world.  In order to make this plan a reality, I know I have to continue to exercise, eat healthy, pray daily and never stop learning.  Those are the ingredients necessary for a future of travel.


With 50 approaching, are there aches and pains?  Yes. But I’d much rather experience them while snorkeling in the Caribbean or on an African safari, rather than from my living room sofa.


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