How To Choose Your Travel Destinations

The most popular question we’ve been asked since we’ve started blogging:

How do you decide where you want to travel?

Of course time and budget play key roles in this process, but with so many choices, how does one possibly whittle things down to any decision at all?  Spin an inflatable globe? Blindfold Brooke and have her pin the tail on the map? Throw darts at our scratch map?  Yes,  we’ve tried all of these but there has to be better ways to make such globally sound decisions:)


Well, honestly we don’t have a formulaic answer for how we choose destinations.  There are so many places to see and so little time; we want to go EVERYWHERE! From mountains to deserts, from UNESCO sites to museums, we want to explore as much of this world as possible.  But the reality of the situation is I teach full time and Brooke is an eighth grader.  It’s not like we can take a few years off and travel the world freely…at least not yet.  Down the road a few years from now, that story may change!

So with regards to making choices, we have called upon some of our favorite travel gurus and asked them about their processes when choosing where to travel next. They’ve offered us several great ideas we’d love to share with you!

*The Personality Analysis

The first great idea is to reflect on  your travel personality. Are you an adventurous type or prefer relaxation?  Are you an off the beaten path type of traveler or a tried and true textbook traveler?  Are you a tropical type or prefer the snowy scene?   Are you a city slicker or would you rather take flight in a hot air balloon?  (See our previous blog to help you get to know your travel personality)


 Once you know a bit more about yourself, you may be able to narrow some things down–unless you completely want to step outside of your comfort zone; then you’re back at square one, like us.  If that’s the case, here’s another suggestion:

+The Activity Analysis

For this idea, list the main activity you want to do on your next trip and choose accordingly. Then research the top three to five places that offer that type of opportunity.  For example:

  1. Yoga and Meditation Retreat-Bali, Tulum, Belize…
  2. Skiing Vacation–Switzerland, Colorado, Vermont…
  3. Romantic Vacation-France, Greece, Tahiti…
  4. Writing Vacation-Australia, Sweden, Ireland…
  5. Golfing Vacation…Scotland, California, Dubai…



*The Continent Analysis

If you really cannot narrow down a particular activity, here’s another  effective strategy:

Write down a continent and then jot down the top 3-5 countries you’d like to visit. Here is our list:

  • Asia-Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore
  • Africa-South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt
  • Europe-Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Portugal
  • Central and South America-Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica

From there you can narrow down even further. For instance, if we select Spain we definitely want to visit Barcelona and Ibiza.



Get Inspired

Still another idea is to seek travel inspiration.  Travel magazines are great ways to inspire your wanderlust. Our favorites are:

Pinterest also has the most beautiful travel  photographs. You are sure to find nspiration there.

Groupon Getaway– I have this app on my phone and often scan their itineraries which spark unique ideas I may not have thought of.

Top Lists are helpful as well-

You can always opt to take a travel quiz as well.

We just took this quiz and  got Kyoto!  Have to add that to our list for sure.


When it’s all said and done, we feel that our ultimate decisions are based on choosing a place that makes you feel like you’re transported to another world or time, somewhere that you’ve seen a picture of and can immediately envision yourself jumping into that scene, somewhere that makes you grow, change, and feel at peace with your decision and ultimately fulfilled.


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