Nugg Beauty–A Day At The Spa in Ten Minutes

After years of trying many face mask products, I can without a doubt say that the search is over!!  Nugg Beauty masks are absolutely amazing! At first Brooke and I were a bit skeptical, thinking the reviews were too good to be true, but we are beyond impressed.


First of all, the masks come in little pods, like packets of jam,  which are so convenient for traveling, and furthermore, you know they are completely uncontaminated and fresh with each use.  Secondly, the ease of using them is such a bonus.  You just pop open a pod, use your fingers to apply and wait about ten minutes to rinse off with a wet cloth.  


The cooling sensation of the mask is so refreshing–we instantly noticed results.  Our skin and lips were so incredibly soft, plump, dewy, bright and glowing. For me, the first thing I noticed right away was that my forehead wrinkles, especially the ones between my eyes were barely visible. Brooke said, “Mom, it’s like you just went back in time to your twenties!” Heck, I’d take 30’s, but 20’s definitely closed the deal for me!  Honestly, I have had many facials at luxurious spas and this ten minute treatment far surpassed any of those results.  These masks are perfect for revitalizing and plumping dull and tired skin.


All of Nugg’s beauty products are made with natural oils and extracts, have no mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or colors, and are cruelty-free, which for us was a must.  Nugg products are  not tested on animals and is completely vegan.


We also refrigerate the masks and this gives an amazing cooling effect which is so soothing, especially after a long day on the water or sunbathing on the beach.


So really all we can say is we are 100% hooked.  Personally, my only regret is not finding these fountain of youth “nuggets” years ago.

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