Ten Types of Traveler Personalities That We Have Observed During Our Travels


People travel for many different reasons: to seek adventure, to socialize, to explore, to relax, to escape, etc. Reflecting on this, we have concluded that there are ten distinct types of travelers, and if you’re planning your next vacation, perhaps our list will help you identify what type of traveler you are, and even help you branch out to become the traveler you yearn to be.

The Ten Types of Travelers We Have Observed:

1. The Tourist-Camera and map in hand, fanny pack secured (ok maybe that was in the 90’s or was it the 80’s?)…anyway, you get the idea. The tourist only wants to visit cliche destinations, has no desire to assimilate into the culture or meet local people.  The Tourist’s Goal: To check items off of their bucket list while simultaneously creating awesome Christmas cards.


2.The Occasioner– Honeymoons, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, as well as family reunions and school breaks…Occasioners only vacation for a purpose.  Cruising and Disney World are popular options for this type of traveler. The Occasioner’s Goal: To make special events unforgettable.


Birthday Cake By The Ocean



3. The Thrill Seeker– Ankles strapped to bungee cords, grappling hooks hanging precariously on jagged edges, swimming with sharks, parachutes opening last minute after leaping out of an  airplane… Thrill seekers are more than adventurous people; they are the travelers who need a rush to feel alive. The Thrill Seeker’s Goal: To face death on a consistent basis.


Brooke can’t wait until she’s old enough to sky dive and take all kinds of risks…You can count me out!

4. The Chiller- A.K.A. the sunworshipper.  The Chiller strives for the least amount of movement possible. It is an effort to rotate one’s body to even out the perfect tan.  Chillers make no plans whatsoever, have no itineraries and just flow with the waves. The Chiller’s Goal: To achieve the Golden Glow Award.


I’ve got this one mastered!


5. The Planner-If it’s not on the schedule for the day, you’re not going to do it.  The entire trip is researched four years in advance, typed up in size 12 font to fit on one page that is inserted into a laminated pocket folder.  Only comfortable shoes are packed. The planner gets up early, expects everyone else to rise early and acts as a tour guide to rest of group. The Planner’s Goal: To stick to the agenda.


6. The Repeater-The Repeater visits the same place every single year.  Long gone are the days of planning or any thought for that matter.  The repeater stays in her comfort zone. The Repeater’s Goal: To see how the same place has improved each and every year.img_7964

Cancun is our repeat vacation spot–Going on year 12 now! xoxoxo

7. The Soul Searcher-These are the “Eat Pray Lovers’ of the world–always trying to better themselves and find themselves. Goal: To find inner peace in exotic lands.




8. The Anthropologist- The Anthropologist’s desire is to learn about new cultures, live among the locals and assimilate into the ways of life in a particular culture.  You will not find an anthropologist at a five star resort or dining at a gourmet restaurant; they are living amongst the people. They are not satisfied to just visit historic sites  or museums, but  must be active participants in that society.  The Anthropologist’s Goal: To go off the beaten path and experience the essence of foreign cultures.



9. The Jetsetter–The Jetsetter is accessorized to the max, typically with a floppy hat and Maui Jim sunglasses, enjoying a cocktail in the airport lounge or flying on their private jet. They are ready to wisk off on a weekend shopping excursion in Paris. The Jetsetter always looks fresh and well-rested–no haggard sweat pants travelers here.  The Jetsetter’s Goal: To make other travelers, like myself, feel inadequate and disheveled.



We are definitely not jetsetters, but do enjoy luxury travel.

10. The Economist-The Economist eats only at fast food restaurants, no matter where in the world they may be.  There is no impulse buying and no frivolous souvenir shopping.  The Economist stays only in hostels or Air BNBs, and if dessert is not in the budget, you will not be having any gelato.  The Economist’s Goal: To return home after the vacation with no debt whatsoever.




So there you have it. Which type of traveler are you? Do you see a bit of yourself in each of these groups as we do?  What type of traveler do you yearn to be?  Can you think any other types of travelers you may have encountered?




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