Three Profound Life Lessons From a Mother-Daughter Travel Blogging Team


                                  Written by:  “Kristen and Brooke Abroad”

My teen daughter and I have always shared a wanderlust heart, so we recently decided to start blogging about our experiences.  Over the course of this year, through our reflections, we have learned three greatly profound life lessons that we would have never realized if we didn’t share our passion for travel.


1. Don’t Put off ‘Til Tomorrow A Plane You Can Catch Today 

I cannot tell you how many people, including family members thought, (and probably still think) I am verging on utter insanity.  Comments such as “When are you going to get this travel thing out of your system?” or “Why aren’t you using your travel savings for upcoming college bills?” have been verbalized hundreds of times since our blog began.  While these questions have made me ponder my sanity for a minute or two, they have honestly given vivid clarity to my beliefs:  Life is short;  the world is a gift.  I will never be one of those people who wait until they are retired to travel, for we all know, well too much, how those stories end.   As Brooke so eloquently stated, “Always eat your ice cream before it melts.”


2. Travel is Empowering

Planning a successful trip, with all the minute details and schedules, teaches one persistence and organization. Coping with the unexpected travel mishaps that are bound to occur, teaches flexibility and resilience.  Meeting new people, exploring foreign lands, immersing oneself in a different culture teaches empathy and enlightenment.  Being cautious, astute and savvy when traveling, teaches one to rely on her own wisdom, strength and instincts.  These are life skills my daughter cannot learn in a textbook or on a google search.


3. Balance is the Key to Life

For too many years, travel-loving women had to conform to the mold of the two stereotypical femme personas–the “Delicate Poolside Divas” vs.  the “Adventure-Seeking Roughing-it Rebels.”   My daughter and I are definitely adventure seekers—we’ve  zip lined through the jungles of Mexico, snorkeled along the Napali Coast, hiked the Five Villages of Cinque Terre… you name it, we’re up for it–but at the end of the day, we definitely enjoy a bit of luxury and pampering–spas, beautiful resorts, fine dining…yes, a bit Diva-like.  But together we’ve come to realize that luxury and adventure-travel go hand in hand—and yes, literally speaking, we’ve got tattered passports in our well-manicured hands. But along with luxury and adventure, we realize we are globally interdependent.  Brooke has had giveaway contests on her travel Instagram account, earning money for organizations such as Feed My Starving Children.  We realize that traveling the world is a privilege, being part of the world is a blessing, and helping the world is a responsibility–balance.



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