Mother-Daughter Travel Team

This past summer my thirteen-year-old daughter, Brooke, and I were attending a wedding in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Brooke was standing up in the wedding so all of our energy and attention was completely focused on getting her dress altered, finding the perfect shoes, buying wedding gifts, etc…the basic preparations of being part of a bridal party.  Unbeknownst to us, an epiphany occurred a few hours after arrival at the amazing  PGA National Resort and Spa.




  While we were relaxing on our tropical, tranquil balcony, we both suddenly realized we were on an actual mother-daughter vacation at a beautiful hotel with an entire entire weekend to ourselves.  For me, a mother with two older boys, I was not accustomed to having time to savor the idea of real girl time. For Brooke, it was the first time she was away without sharing a hotel room with her brothers by her side.  So, needless to say our first simultaneous thought (yes, it was totally female telepathy) was to sign up for luxury spa treatments!  After booking our hot stone massages, the next logical thing to do was order room service–a delicious salmon salad for me and a glass of wine (ok, a bottle) while Brooke delighted in the chicken tenders, fries and a pink lemonade. For dessert the chocolate lava cake suited both of our palates delightfully.



After the wedding, we had no other choice but to extend our trip. I mean, who would want this amazing femme-bonding experience to end so abruptly, right? Being in Florida, I thought it only practical to rent a bright yellow convertible and head to Ft. Lauderdale for a few days. We spent the week at the Gallery One Hilton.







We spent endless hours swimming  in the warm waters of Ft. Lauderdale Beach, watching the spectacular Fourth of July Fireworks from our balcony overlooking the Intercoastal Waterways and taking a fun water taxi  to Las Olas to experience art galleries and lots of boutique shopping.  Midday and evening stops at Yo Mama’s Ice Cream were a necessity.  

ice cream.JPG

So, yeah….that’s how it all started–the birth of a mother-teen daughter travel blog.  The travel bug, which bit me decades ago, has now found a host in my daughter’s heart.  We are hoping to explore the world together, giving others insight and advice on hotels, dining, spas, excursions and whatever else may come our way, while exemplifying to mothers and daughters around the globe the most important message of all–life is short, but the love of a mother and daughter is eternal. Seize the World! Carpe Diem! YOLO! Whatever mantra gets you to travel!



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